How to make data analysis quick, easy, and fun

We think you’ll agree that working with data is no piece of cake. You plough through multiple datasets in search of a meaningful story. You’re asked to create visually appealing presentations – and expected to get them done pronto. Often, you’re the only pair of eyes on a project – and there are times when you lie awake at night, wondering whether an error could have snuck in to the presentation you delivered earlier that day.

11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tilcara, Argentina at Least Once In Your Lifetime

In the picturesque mountain valley Quebrada de Humahuaca – a Unesco World Heritage site – lies the dusty and enchanting town of Tilcara. With traces of human habitation that date back more than 10,000 years, Tilcara is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Argentina. The town’s rich indigenous culture and the dramatic mountains that surround it make this little town a very appealing destination in Argentina. Nos vemos allí!

Intermittent Fasting - A Full Walkthrough Guide For Beginners

Most of you will have probably heard of intermittent fasting –  a health and fitness phenomenon, which has been rapidly growing in popularity in the recent years. Many celebrities swear by it to keep in shape – and it has received great media coverage. What makes it so appealing to those looking to lose weight? It could be the fact that it doesn’t require as much effort (calorie-counting, for example) as many other weight loss methods.
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